Comic projects  completed from over the course of 2016 - 2018.





Les Amis De L'abc October comics

Les Amis de l'ABC October Comics is a personal comic project; a series of short-format, daily comics based
loosely on Victor Hugo's revolutionaries from Les Misérables completed for each day of October 2017. 






Jim Henson's Labyrinth 2017 SPecial: the Wrong Toby

Comic written by Delilah S. Dawson for Jim Henson's Labyrinth 2017 Special called 'The
Wrong Toby'. Follows two goblins from The Labyrinth  as they try to hunt down a human child for the
Goblin King .  Layouts, inks and colours all by Sas Milledge.








Final project for the Animation Workshop's Spring 2017 semester Drawing and Visualisation course.  In a dystopian future, two children fishing on the abandoned and mine-riddled west coast of Denmark get caught in a sand storm. Script, story, and art all by Sas Milledge.







Mimon is an ongoing webcomic that follows a young hedge witch named Hester, who is being haunted by more than just her student loans.  Script, story, and art are all by Sas Milledge.